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Priest's new exhibition explores heritage, identity

September 28 2016Art in the Colour Personal, an exhibition of new work by the Revd Glenn Loughrey (pictured right), explores the Melbourne priest’s journey into his Indigenous heritage.

Mr Loughrey, who is Vicar at St Oswald’s Glen Iris, said that each piece in the exhibition “expresses something of the artist as a Wiradjuri man, an Indigenous man and a spiritual man. Each piece captures the connection to land, country and tradition whilst allowing the personal expression of belonging to be foremost.”

Some of the works are landscapes from his recent trip to the Northern Territory.

Turning to the Heavens and Earth II, pictured above, is part of a series which explores the “movement in theology, cosmology and world understanding” throughout the artist’s life.

Mr Loughrey said this second piece in the series “explores the Christian myths of the Creation, Incarnation, Crucifixion and Resurrection. It uses the symbols of a person caught in the midst of a tree, which is desolate but showing signs of regeneration. The broken land or country has been split by the primal forces of nature as represented by the tree holding the future of humanity within itself. There is the sense of the divine being present, coming down from the heavens into the earth, passing through and enlivening both humanity and nature (person and tree).”

The exhibition is running at St Oswald’s Glen Iris from 27 September to 30 November. All paintings are available for purchase.