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St John’s Camberwell kids experience Anglicare’s Mission House in Fitzroy

Children from St John’s Camberwell have had an insight into the work of Anglicare’s Mission House, in Napier Street, Fitzroy. Mission House provides emergency relief and support to low income earners in inner Melbourne, including food parcels and financial assistance.

September 18 2015On Sunday 2 August, the kids@church (Sunday School) group from St John’s visited Mission House after church for a BBQ, a tour of the centre, and to provide some practical help, including stacking shelves with recent donations and packaging dry goods for food parcels.

“This was an eye-opener for the children, enjoyable and a good social service activity,” said Alicia White, a parishioner at St John’s.

In November 2014, the children had wrapped gifts of groceries and personal care items in cellophane, with handmade cards and ribbon, as part of their Christmas celebration.

“If you have a Sunday school or youth group at your church, you might like to try a similar activity,” said Ms White.

There is enormous demand for Mission House’s services, and the public can support its work in a number of ways, said Ms White.

“We spoke with Ian Wallbridge, the manager of Mission House, and he is in urgent need of donations of goods and volunteers for a variety of tasks,” she said.

“On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Mission House is open to ‘clients’. In the morning Ian Wallbridge meets people one on one to discuss their situation. In the afternoons, volunteers assist by taking clients to the ‘mini mart’ to help pick a variety of groceries, or staffing the opportunity shop. The number of volunteers has dropped off in recent years.

“Many parishes collect non-perishable groceries each week at church and bring them into Mission House for distribution. This is a tangible way to give. It also keeps the less fortunate in our thoughts as we do our own shopping.”

School groups looking for social service opportunities for students can assist Ian on non-client days (Monday and Wednesday).

For more information, contact Ian Wallbridge on 9486 0445.