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September 2019

• Anglicare Australia’s Executive Director has urged the Brotherhood to use its power and influence to develop “democracy with a small ‘d’” – inclusive and empowered local communities

• Several Melbourne Anglicans who took part in a pilgrimage to the Northern Territory in July led by Bishop Genieve Blackwell reflect on their experience

• Melbourne Anglican group the New Cranmer Society warns of “breaking point” over Wangaratta Bishop John Parkes’ plans for a service of blessing for married same-sex couples

• An interview with Dr Jude Long, the newly appointed vice-principal at Melbourne’s Eastern College and former principal of Nungalinya College

• We report on a new TEAR campaign which is encouraging Australians to join the global fight against single-use plastics, after a report found plastic waste mismanagement was killing up to a million people every year

• Australian Anglican historian Stuart Piggin and American historian Robert D. Linder have been awarded this year’s Australian Christian Book of the Year for their book The Fountain of Public Prosperity: Evangelical Christians in Australian History 1740-1914. (See TMA's review of the book here)

• The Revd Canon Prof Dorothy Lee from Trinity College writes in our regular theology column that the women of Jesus’ ministry, and those who worked alongside Paul, need to be re-discovered, as through them, women today can see how they are set free in Christ to become their true selves as daughters of God and sisters of Christ

• Melbourne Anglican parishioner Nigel Jackson pays tribute to one of his Heroes of the Faith, writer, theologian and broadcaster Martin Palmer, an explorer of the significance of the sacred in Britain and in China.

•  A number of articles that look, from a range of perspectives, at the growing impact of technology in our lives – including on family life – and how we might engage thoughtfully with the digital sphere so that creativity and connection can flourish, and we can find the rest and quiet space we need

 - And as always, much, much more...

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