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September 2018

• An interview with journalist and commentator Greg Sheridan about his new book God is Good for You: A Defence of Christianity in Troubled Times;

• The new Executive Director of the Brotherhood of St Laurence, Conny Lenneberg, reflects on “hard-hearted” Australia;

Stop “racialising” crime, a new video tells politicians;

• Michael Leunig reflects on our “disturbing times” in conversation with the Dean of Brisbane, Dr Peter Catt;

• Church renewal depends on an empowered laity says the Revd Dr Rowland Croucher, in the final part of his series on key ingredients of a healthy church;

• Archbishop of Perth Kay Goldsworthy says women’s leadership is a “protracted conversation”; and the Revd Anthea McCall, Ridley College Lecturer and Dean of Students, says female models of faith are “often left invisible”;

• Academic Dean and theology lecturer at Ridley College, Dr Michael Bird, explains why he won’t be going to hear Franklin Graham speak when Graham visits Australia next year;

• A tribute to one of Australia’s most significant Indigenous church leaders, The Revd Canon Michael Gumbuli Wurramara, AM, who passed away on 28 July;

• A tribute to Albert Schweitzer, who abandoned a career as academic and musician to work as a doctor and missionary in Africa;

• Paranormal phenomena are a normal, everyday part of life, and animals have a spiritual nature, says biologist Dr Rupert Sheldrake.


- And much, much more...

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