The Revd Alan Appleby

June 6 2016The Revd Alan Neil Appleby died on Monday 23 May. He has struggled with his health in recent years, and died very peacefully on Monday evening, surrounded by love, psalms and prayers spoken to him by family

He was ordained Deacon in Melbourne in 1953 and ordained Priest in 1954 also in Melbourne.

His ministries included Assistant Curate at St Thomas’ Essendon 1953-1955; Minister at Lancefield/Romsey 1955-1957; Minister at Greensborough 1957-1964; Assistant Curate Chaplaincy Department 1964 - 1972; Chaplain St Vincent Eye and Ear Hospital 1964 - 1969; Mont Park Plenty Larundel Psychological Hospital 1970 – 1972; Janefield Colony 1971 – 1972; Gresswell A/D Rehab Centre 1971 – 1972; Assistant Curate Missioner St James and St John 1972 – 1979; Director Addcare 1972 – 1979; Incumbent South Melbourne 1980 – 1990; Inter-Church Trade and Industry Mission Chaplain 1982 – 1986.

Mr Appleby retired in 1990 and continued to hold a Permission to Officiate in the Diocese of Melbourne. 

His funeral was held at All Saint’s Greensborough on 30 May 2016, followed by burial at St Katherine’s St Helena.

At the funeral, his daughter Christine said that her strongest memory of her father was of he and her mother praying every morning, “without fail”, at 8am. He was a good man, who modelled a Godly life and taught the family Godly principles, she said.

“When I think of Dad, I think of him saying his prayers. Dad believed in prayer. He relied on prayer and on God. As an adult, I can now see the work of God in his life and I am so blessed to have this inheritance of faith and prayer for myself and my sons.”

In his eulogy, the Revd Tom Morgan, said, “Alan was a faithful, sincere, genuine, kindly, gentle — yet determined — servant of God.”

The two men had trained together at Ridley College and were ordained on the same day, 14 March 1954, at St Paul’s Cathedral.

Sixty years later, they were able to share a celebration of their diamond anniversaries at a mid-week service in St. Paul's Cathedral.

Mr Morgan said, “As I think of him, I am reminded of one similar man we read of in Genesis 5:22: ‘And Enoch walked with God; and he was not, for God took him.’ So, after long service and illness, we can say, ‘And Alan walked with God; and he was not, for God took him.’”

We give thanks to God for the life and ministry of the Revd Alan Appleby and pray for his family at this time, especially for his daughter the Reverend Canon Rosemary Maries.

May he rest in peace.