Lost eulogy of the Revd Peter Hill

By Beryl Rule

November 29 2018The Revd Peter Hill, whose whimsical articles were much loved by readers of TMA's forerunner See, died on 11 October, and his funeral was held at St James' Drysdale on 19 October. When TMA contacted the vicar, the Revd Robert Myers, for information about the funeral this was his reply:

The following is from Fr Peter's funeral service, and written by Fr Peter. He prepared his own funeral Service, and even wrote his own eulogy, which perhaps someone, someday will find! You see, Peter was not expecting to die when he did, and no-one knows the password to gain access to his computer.

Leaving school at fourteen, Peter Hill spent his life variously as an errand boy, printer, WW2 RAF Ground crew and post war aircraft maintenance engineer, private pilot, Anglican parish priest, RAAF chaplain, Secretary of the SPCK Australia. Columnist of Church Scene and See, and writer of several poetry and prose books (But no best sellers!)

For 40 years he was happily married to Paddy (dec); he was the father of Laraine (dec), father in law to Sandy, ‘Pop’ to Naomi, Kathryn, and Emily and great grandfather to Henry. His friends were too numerous to list, but all much loved.

Some things in life Peter thinks he did reasonably well; others alas he made a mess of! Happily his God and many friends were forgiving and lovingly remained his friends.

He is grateful for the loving companionship of EmmyLou, and lattely Emmytou, his canine companions, both of whose unconditional love helped him better understand the nature of God’s love. And thanks to a childhood cradled in the Faith, he loved the Anglican Church’s ‘Doctrine in’ and not a ‘doctrine of’ approach to theology, which allowed him the freedom to explore the frontiers of the Bible, faith and practice.”


Peter’s Parting Blessing:

May the Lord of all our blessings
Pour upon you each new day,
Faith and Love in fullest measure –
May his presence be your stay.
May the Lord of dance and laughter
Ever live within your heart,
Bringing joy to friend and stranger
As his Spirit you impart.
May the Lord of grief and sorrow
Be with you in times of care,
May you know his arms around you,
Know with him your hurts are shared.
May the Lord of Resurrection
Bring you blessings each new morn,
As you share his life with others
May, in them, new life be born.
May the Lord of all our blessings
Pour upon you from above,
Peace beyond all understanding,
And in your heart and mind, his love."

NB: These words from the service reflect the warmth, humour and humility which made Peter Hill's articles so prized. I was a devoted fan for many years. Beryl Rule