The Revd Vernon James Kedward Collins

December 11 2015The Revd Vernon James Kedward Collins OAM, MSM, JP, MAIW died peacefully on 14 November 2015 and a private funeral was held on 18 November.

Vernon Collins was made a deacon in 1979 in Wangaratta and ordained Priest in 1990 in Melbourne.

His ministry included Reader-in-charge Chiltern, Browns Plain/Barnawatha 1956-57; Associate Chaplain Frankston RSL, Honorary Chaplain RSL (Victoria) 1960; Chaplain HM Prison Pentridge 1975; Probation Officer Adult/Children’s Court 1975-79; Police Chaplain (Inter-Church Trade and Industry Mission) 1979-97; Assistant Curate Seymour 1979-84); Chaplain Missions Sea/Assistant Port Pirie 1984-86; Justice of the Peace 1989; Honorary Chaplain Liaison Officer Mornington Peninsula Hospital 1990-95; Honorary assistant Priest Rosebud 1990-92; Honorary Chaplain Guards Association Victoria 1992-2009; Honorary Chaplain Royal Naval Association Port Philip Branch 2001-11; Honorary Chaplain HMS Ganges Association 2001 – 11; Honorary Chaplain Frankston Naval Memorial Club 2001-11; Honorary Chaplain Vietnam Veterans Association Frankston 2001-09; Honorary Chaplain Maltese Australia Association 2003-08; Chaplain Maltese Association 2003-09; Chaplain Frankston RSL; Honorary Chaplain Submariners Association (Victoria). Retired in 1992 and thereafter held a PTO with the Diocese of Melbourne. 

We give thanks to God for the life and ministry of the Revd Vernon James Kedward Collins and pray for his wife Marjorie, family and friends at this time. May he rest in peace.