26 April 2024

Tributes for faithful Christian, talented academic

Anthea McCall has been remembered for her commitment to the church and witness to the gospel. Picture: supplied 

By Elspeth Kernebone 

29 April 2022

Friends have paid tribute to former Ridley College staff member the Reverend Anthea McCall, after her death this week. 

Ms McCall was remembered as a gifted teacher and preacher, as well as a woman of warm, modest and humble character, formed by the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

A member of Merri Creek Anglican, Ms McCall died on Thursday after a long illness. 

Ridley College principal Brian Rosner said Ms McCall was a faithful Christian, and a bright and beautiful person who enjoyed the company of family and friends. 

“We loved her humour, her matter-of-fact way of dealing with problems, her acts of kindness to faculty, staff and students, and her evident joy in the Lord,” Dr Rosner said. 

Ms McCall joined Ridley College in 2007, where she taught Greek and New Testament, served for several years as Dean of Students, and acted as Assistant Dean of the Anglican Institute. 

She was involved in the development of the Women’s Writing Group, the Women’s Preaching Network and Evangelical Women in Academia. 

Speaking at her farewell from Ridley College in 2020, Dr Rosner described Ms McCall as a fine linguist, a fabulous preacher, and an insightful Bible interpreter. 

Dr Rosner said Ms McCall’s appeal to students as Dean of Students was deep and wide, touching women and men of all ages. 

He said her heart for mission was visible, as was a lifelong and steady witness to the gospel. 

Merri Creek Anglican minister Peter Carolane said Ms McCall was always very committed to her church community, and serving, even through her illness. 

“She had an incredible commitment to the church and the people. Even when she was really sick she wanted to do nothing more than be part of church,” Mr Carolane said. 

“She loved her church community so much that when in person services returned after COVID, she was there enthusiastically, even when others were wary.” 

Mr Carolane remembered Ms McCall as someone with friends all over the country, with many old friends in Sydney from her study at Moore College. 

He said Ms McCall’s work at St Hilary’s Kew ahead of her time at Ridley College was also very significant, leading the large 5pm young adults’ congregation, then as assistant senior minister. 

Mr Carolane said before that Ms McCall had worked for the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students in Canberra. 

Funeral details will be published on the Merri Creek Anglican Facebook page

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