22 March 2023

Faith not ‘a set of black and white rules’ for Peter Sherlock

In this first episode of Everyday Saints, University of Divinity Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Sherlock tells host Kirralee Nicolle about his favourite church traditions, the radical weirdness of Jesus and life as a same-sex attracted Christian.

He talks about how seeking to understand Scripture in its context and striving for authenticity have shaped his faith journey. He also talks about his experience of an Anglican parish growing up and how it gave him a taste of a more diverse faith experience.

“In so much of our life, we’re separated from each other into cohorts of the likeminded or the same age group,” Professor Sherlock says. “My experience of the parish church growing up was the opposite of that.”

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He also speaks of the confusing duality of being a privileged white male working in an academic institution while at the same time facing criticism for his same-sex attraction.

“I carry a lot of power, and it’s weird when at the same time you’re constantly being made marginal,” he says.

Everyday Saints is a podcast from The Melbourne Anglican which features the faith stories of those from Melbourne and beyond. To listen to more episodes, see here. To view the show on Spotify, see here.

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