Following where God’s call leads

It is my personal belief that God placed me in the role. I felt his strong calling to the role from the beginning, but it took the onset of the Global Financial Crisis a few short months into the role for me to understand why. That I was able to use my finance background and skills to steer the diocese through these early tough times and to see this as the beginning of a long road of cultural change was foundational to the many other challenges that we inevitably faced. 

Preventing violence against women is everyone’s business

A bystander is a person who witnesses or hears about a harmful incident or situation but is not directly involved in it. An “active bystander” is someone who, upon witnessing or hearing such an incident or situation, responds with some sort of action that communicates their disapproval.

How many refugee children are really in Nauru?

Dr June Factor is the convener of Befriend a Child in Detention, and Bishop Philip Huggins is a member of the organisation’s leadership team. Here they write of their frustration in trying to establish the true number of children in Nauru.

Bring them here, Prime Minister: Vicar-General

Vicar-General of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, Bishop Philip Huggins, has called on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to bring asylum seekers still languishing in offshore detention.

Two perspectives on Trump

To cast Donald Trump’s supporters as uneducated, ignorant and racist, as much of the mainstream media did throughout his campaign, was wrong and patronising.