Heroes of the Faith

'Ancient future' pioneer sought a broader vision

The Anglo-Catholic/Evangelical divide didn't exist for Robert E. Webber, an American theologian who explored how the worship practices of the ancient church can help equip Christians for a post-Christian, 21st-century context. Rachael Lopez writes about his work and his legacy.

By Rachael Lopez

February 6 2020 

Four years ago, I created a working life purpose, something that anchors what I do every day: To encourage the church to be a live tradition which extends in both directions of time.

As I’ve been researching and interviewing people, one name keeps appearing: Robert E. Webber. He’s the ancient future church guy, a lecturer and a writer who brought his passion for liturgy and the Church Fathers to evangelical America and beyond. Until his death in 2007, he equipped Christians in the West to worship and be disciples in a post-Christian world.

Recently in a survey, I had to place myself on a scale between Anglo-Catholic and Evangelical in the way that I worship. In Robert’s world, that divide didn’t exist ... 

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Rachael Lopez is a writer who explores both ancient and future practices of discipleship and worship. Read the full interviews with Ryan Flanigan and the Revd Dr Joel Scandrett on her blog, www.alivetradition.com