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Melburnians pray for Jerusalem as Israeli PM visits

February 22 2017Jerusalem – how deep runs the longing for its peace! It is a holy and a broken place, metaphor in its own way for the longing and the disquiet in the whole human family.

Politicians and diplomats have their contributions to make to the peace of Jerusalem. People of faith can offer their meditations and prayers, according to Melbourne Anglican Bishop Philip Huggins. This is especially so for Christianity, Judaism and Islam, for whom Jerusalem is of deep spiritual significance.

People of faith have been invited to meditate and pray for Jerusalem's peace in St Paul's Cathedral this Thursday, February 23, from 1pm to 1.30pm.

Bishop Huggins, organiser of this opportunity for quiet prayer and meditation for peace, says it coincides with a visit to Australia of Israel's Prime Minister, Mr Benjamin Netanyahu.

"We pray his visit is fruitful. We expect there will be very strong statements with divergent views about the peace process for Israel and Palestine, and some are already being made,” Bishop Huggins says.

“Behind the politics is the yearning that unites all parents and grandparents, to see God's little people grow up safe and free in a Jerusalem which models our common longing for justice and peace.

“That yearning will focus the meditations and prayers of people who gather in the Cathedral on Thursday.”

Members of all three faiths will be present at the service, which will include lighting candles.