Unique portrait of a man of courage

I need to be upfront about this review. I have been an avid follower and admirer of Desmond Tutu my whole ministry and regard him as a mentor in absentia.

Faith, fear form valuable dialogue with Bonhoeffer

AN increase of fear generated by the current global pandemic forms the context for this remarkable collection of essays, edited by the religious journalist and commentator Dr Rachael Kohn AO FRSN. Dietrich Bonhoeffer is an appropriate dialogue partner in the debate about whether fear is good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, because he lived and died with acceptance and hope in the terrifying circumstances of the Third Reich. He also had quite a bit to say about fear, including his famous sermon on overcoming fear in 1933 in Berlin. The authors of this collection interact with Bonhoeffer and his theology, particularly on the issue of faith and fear. 

A compelling case for Christianity in our world

What an amazing, compelling and exciting read. Dramatically, Christians places Jesus Christ in his historical 1st Century context and shows how his small group of companions, transformed by his love, forgiveness, healing and hope, changed the world as they lived and died for him.

‘Formidable manifesto’ for full inclusion of women

The Revd Professor Dorothy A. Lee, Stewart Research Professor of New Testament at Trinity College, has written an outstanding introduction to the ministry of women in the New Testament, describing the various roles they had among Jesus’ followers and in the earliest churches, and showcasing the significance of their service.

Lucid guide to understanding modern culture

I don’t often say it, but this book was so good I read it once, then listened to it as an audiobook! Carl Trueman, an Englishman teaching in the US, has written an extraordinary overview of the past 300 hundred years of Western culture, to help explain how the sexual revolution came to pass and how transgenderism can be understood philosophically within that story. I am a sucker for grand vistas when they help me to investigate the minutiae of an event, and that he admirably achieves.