New AOA chief looks to young to carry on relief and development work

The new leader of Melbourne-based Anglican Overseas Aid, Ms Jo Knight, said a priority for her time as CEO would be to engage younger generations in its work to sustain long-term partnerships and respond to issues such as climate change that could not be left to future generations.

Myths vital to understanding ‘Climate Change’

In Mike Hulme’s view “Climate Change” is now a social phenomenon. Having worked its way into our conversations, thinking, religions, community standards, and identity, it influences the cars we buy, the stories we tell our children, and our worship at church on Sundays.

Funds should be used to focus on new Melbourne | Your say

Our church’s mission in “new Melbourne” was one of my passions in synod. At my final session, a couple of months ago, I asked about progress in this sphere over the last decade in view of synod commitments made ten years ago.