Christian scientists explore faith in tech-driven world | Pictures

Elspeth Kernebone 25 November 2022 Christians in science have gathered for the first of a two-day conference discussing Christian living in a techno-scientific world, run by ISCAST – Christians in Science and Technology. The event’s aim was to consider how Christians could live as faithful followers of Jesus, as new scientific discoveries and technological advancements […]

Genetic code reveals God’s amazing creation for David

As we continue our series on younger Christian scientists and their science-faith journeys, executive director Chris Mulherin, at ISCAST – Christians in Science and Technology, speaks with David MacPherson about his experience with Duchenne muscular dystrophy and his passion for science.

Are we slaves to our genes?

Asking whether we are slaves to our genes might sound melodramatic. Surely we left that kind of idea a long time ago?

Myths vital to understanding ‘Climate Change’

In Mike Hulme’s view “Climate Change” is now a social phenomenon. Having worked its way into our conversations, thinking, religions, community standards, and identity, it influences the cars we buy, the stories we tell our children, and our worship at church on Sundays.