23 September 2023

Prime Minister Scott Morrison: personal faith and public values

Australian Christians have a right to be concerned that the new Prime Minister, on current form, will behave in a way that is out of step with true biblical values, argues Dr George Browning, a former bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn.

Barry Jones on epiphanies, our moral challenges and Trump

National living treasure and polymath Barry Jones AC describes himself as a “Northern Hemisphere Christian”. “If I go to Europe, almost the first thing I’ll do is make a beeline for a cathedral, particularly if there’s religious music on. I’ve had so many numinous experiences in some of the great European cathedrals that it’s a very special part of fulfilling myself.”

Two perspectives on Trump

To cast Donald Trump’s supporters as uneducated, ignorant and racist, as much of the mainstream media did throughout his campaign, was wrong and patronising.

The faith story of Malcolm Turnbull

Much has been written of Turnbull’s worldly achievements in the law, banking and business, his stormy political career since 2004, and his imposing personal wealth (A$183 million when last disclosed publicly in 2010). But what of his core religious beliefs? As the late Kim Beazley Snr once observed, “in our secular age, biographers rarely give a person’s spiritual life the attention it deserves”.