Doomed orbit central to manslaughter story

There’s a certain mid-tier of made-for-streaming drama that’s best described as “sub-premium”. Think shows like Dr Death, Unorthodox and even the very good Maid.

Cleverman – drawing on Dreaming to explore issues of today

The ABC’s Cleverman is certainly not comfortable viewing. In this dystopian near future, all of humanity’s cruelty, violence and prejudice are on display, but the disturbing truth is that none of it can be dismissed as the stuff of fantasy. The newly discovered Hairypeople, long-lived and super strong, are seen as the latest alien threat. Confined to the Zone and subject to detention, torture or exploitation if captured elsewhere, they have divided a community. Fears have been exacerbated by a series of gruesome murders for which this species is a convenient scapegoat. Echoes of the ghettos and concentration camps of World War II, Guantanamo Bay and the policy of Rendition, or current border control practices and rhetoric mean that science fiction and horror mingle with current social issues.