26 April 2024

St James plans stained glass window for 150th

Jim Meikle, Sheilah Meikle, Pat Whitford, Pat Marks, Lynette Willey and Jane Bateman are preparing to celebrate St James Drysdale’s 150th anniversary.

By Stephen Cauchi

19 November 2021

A REGIONAL church is seeking photos and stories from the past, as it prepares to celebrate its 150th anniversary. 

St James Drysdale, on the Bellarine Peninsula, will unveil a new stained glass window as part of its celebrations in July. 

Anniversary committee member Pat Marks said the church was launching pledges and donations towards the new window, which would depict St James the Apostle. 

Individual donors will be recorded in the archives. 

Ms Marks said the decision to use a stained glass window to mark the anniversary was “almost spiritual”. 

She said this unveiling would be part of wider celebrations planned for the July event, which will include tours, souvenirs, refreshments, a thanksgiving service, and a photograph display. 

“We plan to celebrate the journey this church has made from its beginnings in 1872 to the present day,” she said. 

“There will be a thanksgiving church service on the Sunday to thank God for all he has given us in this sacred space and to ask God for his blessing on our future.” 

Ms Marks called on people to submit photographs about the church’s history, and share their stories, for the anniversary. 

“TMA reaches many people that may have an association with the church and we are seeking any photographs they may have or even some stories about the place that they may wish to share,” she said. 

Ms Marks said the church had already raised $2200 for the window, which would cost about $18,000. 

The anniversary celebrations will take place on the weekend of 23 and 24 July. To donate money for the window, photographs or stories, contact the church on bellarineparish3222@gmail.com or 0406 403 745. 

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