27 November 2022

Good comes through church work in terrible circumstance

By Stephen Cauchi

16 November 2021

GOD’S faithfulness has been proved time and again despite devastating storm damage, according to the priest of a parish hit hard by the June storms.

St James and St Peter’s Kilsyth-Montrose priest Janice O’Gorman said the storms in October brought some small local issues, but the main issue was still the damage from the June storm.

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“Recovery from the midyear storm is still ongoing with many still working at clearing the immense amount of debris, and others working through the trauma of that night,” said Ms O’Gorman.

Ms O’Gorman said the main focus of her parish was providing food parcels or other material aid, especially on a weekend when agencies tended to be closed.

She said the church had made the decision to keep a small food bank open for this purpose, with most people coming through council referrals.

Ms O’Gorman said the church was also offering free small-cut wood for heating, which was especially popular with the elderly.

“The other spin-off from the storm relief has been a much better connection with our community which has brought us into contact with local residents’ groups,” she said.

“The faithfulness of God has been proven time and again as the Lord brings good out of something which was, and is still for some, a terrible circumstance.” 

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