6 December 2022

A new church is set to launch in Fairfield

Merri Creek Anglican Church will open in Fairfield after Easter. Picture: supplied.

By Jenan Taylor

29 March 2022

A new congregation is set to open in a freshly renovated historical building in Fairfield after Easter.

The Fairfield church is one of five plants set to launch in metropolitan Melbourne this year.

Merri Creek Anglican Vicar Peter Carolane said the opening was drawing interest from young families and young adults, so a children’s ministry was on the cards along with multiple ministries that would run throughout the week.

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“Merri Creek has operated every Sunday from Clifton Hill Primary School since 2013 and some of it­­s programs will move to Fairfield because at Clifton Hill the hall means we can only have Sunday services and we’ve had to hire out other venues for other programs,” he said.

“There’ll also be homework clubs, a book club where people can join in, and that we hope to run in association with the library across the street.

“Renovations have included painting, replastering and rebuilding the toilets, and we have long terms plans to add a space out the back part of the property for the children’s ministry.”

Mr Carolane said there was great potential ministry for the main street of Fairfield.

“We walk out the front door of the church and on to the main street, so it’s going to be like a shopfront church. We’re next door to a busy café and there’s opportunity to form friendships with the trader’s association,” Mr Carolane said

Celebrations for St Paul’s 106th anniversary in April will bring an opportunity to bless the community and promote the congregation, he said.

“We hope to have hot cross buns, free coffee from the next- door café and, later, jazz concerts, as well as public talks on local Indigenous history,” Mr Carolane said.

“There is a need for renewal in the community, and we just hope we can become a thriving church for them.”

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