22 April 2024

Aid needed to supply food, goods, advocacy to fleeing Ukrainians 

Anglican Overseas Aid is seeking support to help people of Ukraine. Picture: Act Alliance 
11 March 2022

ANGLICANS hope to support the people of Ukraine as Russian forces invade the country, leaving tens of thousands, displaced, wounded or dead. 

Anglican Overseas Aid has launched an appeal to support Ukrainians with shelter, non-food items, food support, advocacy, and mental health and psychosocial support. 

AOA will work through the Lutheran World Federation in Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania. 

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In a statement, AOA said its prayers were with the people of Ukraine and surrounding countries, as they cried out for peace, an urgent ceasefire, and a withdrawal of Russian forces. 

AOA chief executive Jo Knight said the suffering of the Ukrainian people confronted Anglicans whenever they watched or listened to the news, seeing death, destruction, and families torn apart. 

“It’s important that Anglicans in Australia have an opportunity to respond and support and stand with the people of Ukraine at this time,” she said. 

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In a statement, AOA said it sought to join prayers with action in response to the Bible’s calls, such as, “I was a stranger and you invited me in” in Matthew 25, and Hebrews 13’s message to “keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters”. 

To support the Anglican Overseas Aid Ukraine appeal, call 1800 249 880 or visit bit.ly/3J9SYmU 

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