6 December 2022

Cooking up a treat for Nungalinya

By Stephen Cauchi 

14 June 2022

All Saints’ Mitcham parishioner Pat Falkenberg has chalked up more than 15 years raising funds a single cause. 

Since the early 2000s Ms Falkenberg has been baking cakes, biscuits and other treats to raise money for Nungalinya, an Indigenous adult education college in Darwin. 

With the help of her fellow parishioners Ms Falkenberg’s goodies stall has been a remarkably successful operation. Some years it has raised over $2000. 

Ms Falkenberg began raising funds with the Ladies Guild of a Nunawading church she attended. When this church merged with the Mitcham church the enterprise turned into a cake stall. 

She makes biscuits, cakes, jams, lemon butter and pickles and has successfully convinced a few others to contribute. 

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Ms Falkenberg also receives help from vicar Greg Wong and others at All Saints to make the stall happen, including ingredient donations. 

COVID-19 interrupted the stall, but it’s now back and running. It raised $240 on the April stall and $320 on the June stall. 

Ms Falkenberg said there were a lot of things she could was no longer able to do – but she still could cook. 

“It gives me an interest to be able to support Nungalinya through the cake stall,” she said.

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