3 December 2022

Eternity News to shift away from news reporting

Eternity News is changing their focus towards more faith-based media. Image: Elspeth Kernebone.

Kirralee Nicolle

30 June 2022

Eternity News has announced their decision to move away from reporting on current events from a Christian perspective, instead seeking to “serve the church and speak with hope, faith, and love about the issues that affect Christians in their everyday lives”.

The Bible Society-owned outlet released the news in an article from June 24 by executive director Grant Thomson.

Mr Thomson said in the article that the news cycle was “an increasingly contentious space,” particularly due to the role of social media.

“Moving forward we will continue to tell stories, but they won’t be as news-focused,” he wrote.

“Eternity will bring you great stories from God’s kingdom and faith leaders and encourage you as you open the Bible.”

Mr Thomson gave a special mention to former editor and founder of the magazine John Sandeman, writing that Romans 13:7 said to give “honour to whom honour is due”.

“John is a friend, we honour his contribution, and we are excited to see him step into the next season of his life,” Mr Thomson wrote.

Mr Thomson also wrote that Eternity is “optimistic about the future and grateful to God”.

Eternity News was first drafted in 2009 as Australian Christian, and later changed its name.

The Bible Society took over the publication in 2011.

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