8 December 2023

Explore contemplative practices with Anglican sisters

Community of the Holy Name associate the late Rosemary Stretton with oblates Sandra Clayton and Joan Durdin. Image: Supplied.

Kirralee Nicolle

17 June 2022

A community of Anglican sisters is offering an opportunity to explore contemplative practices without leaving Melbourne.

Community of the Holy Name mother superior Sister Carol Tanner said Quiet Days, or Days of Prayer and Reflection, offered a chance for those who are less familiar with contemplative practices to have a taste of what they are like.

The Cheltenham centre is an Anglican convent and spiritual retreat centre with a chapel, retreat accommodation, reflective spaces and manicured grounds.

“It is a very safe place for anyone to explore and be able to say what they want to say without being inhibited,” Sister Tanner said.

Sister Tanner said that there were sisters present who were trained in spiritual direction and others who were available to answer questions or listen to concerns.

She said their hope for the Days was that attendees would be impacted positively by the opportunity to enjoy the quiet and the teachings from the sisters.

“We are hoping that [the Days of Prayer and Reflection] will touch somebody, and [they often do],” she said.

The Days of Prayer and Reflection are held on the first Thursday of each month from March until November. To find out more, see here.

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