3 December 2022

Anglicare Victoria celebrates 25 years caring for most vulnerable

Kirralee Nicolle

8 July 2022

Anglicare Victoria is celebrating 25 years as the state’s leading provider of care for children and families in vulnerable circumstances.

Anglicare Victoria executive director Paul McDonald said in a press release from the organisation that the anniversary was a testament to all those who had been involved in various ways.

“In the last quarter of a century, Anglicare Victoria has grown to employ three times as many people and provide critical support to many more regional communities in distant corners of the state,” Mr McDonald said.  

“We now help more than 10 times as many people struggling with family violence, have grown to be the largest provider of financial counselling and have a thriving culture of innovation.”

Deputy executive director Sue Sealey said while a big focus of Anglicare was providing services to families and those experiencing disadvantage, advocacy was also a major focus.

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Ms Sealey said that Anglicare Victoria were advocating for reform, greater funding to those who needed it and for improved circumstances for vulnerable children and families.

“It’s about raising the concerns and the challenges that vulnerable, disadvantaged people have,” she said.

She also said that during COVID-19, Anglicare had become the go-to organisation for the government to approach for support with housing, food and other practical needs for those experiencing homelessness or disadvantage.

Anglicare Victoria was formed in 1997 from three Anglican missions – The Mission to the Streets and Lanes of Melbourne, which was established in 1886, the Mission of St James and St John, established in 1919 and St John’s Homes for Boys and Girls, established two years later in 1921.

Archbishop Philip Freier hosted a celebration on 1 July at Bishopscourt to mark the anniversary.

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