28 September 2023

Book fair offers opportunity to build stronger connections

Book Fair Committee member Robin Richards with books to be sorted for the fair. Image: Supplied.

Kirralee Nicolle

13 July 2022

An Anglican parish in south-east Melbourne is set to host a book fair on 23 July.

The Finch Street Book Fair was birthed with the goal of building stronger connections between the two churches in the parish, St John’s East Malvern and St Agnes’ Glen Huntly and their wider communities, parish vicar Father Alex Ross said.

Mr Ross said that the COVID-19 pandemic had been an isolating experience for the church, and that they were looking for ways to bring back their sense of parish spirit while reaching the East Malvern and Glen Huntly communities.

He said that prior to the pandemic they had held a regular fete, but that with restrictions and transmission risks, they felt a need to simplify events and come up with creative fundraising ideas.

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Mr Ross said that they were now planning to host several events, including the book fair, a cake and bake festival and a children’s event.

“It has been important for our parishes to engage with each other and to support each other,” he said. “That’s gone both ways.”

The Finch Street Book Fair will be held at St John’s East Malvern from 10am to 2pm on Saturday 23 July. For more information, see here.

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