3 December 2022

Carlton parish launches new service designed for workers

St Jude’s Carlton is seeking to equip workers to live authentic lives of faith. Image: Supplied.

Kirralee Nicolle

18 July 2022

An inner-city church has begun a new service which seeks to support a demographic who are seeking to live authentic lives of faith in the workplace.

Campus minister Reverend Alex Zunica said the vision for starting the new service was to equip workers for sharing their faith.

He said that when they were discussing ideas with the congregation for a new service, what gradually emerged was an interest among those of all ages who were in the workplace.

“Those leaving uni didn’t necessarily feel like they fit [in the existing services],” Mr Zunica said.

“The two groups who were really interested were young workers and older workers.”

St Jude’s Carlton held their first 4pm church service on 17 July with 90 attendees, which was far more than the expected 50 or 60, Mr Zunica said.

Mr Zunica said the first service went well and was a very positive start for the congregation.

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