8 December 2023

Micro church training seeks to unpack best ideas

Micro churches often meet at people’s houses. Picture: supplied by the Reverend Bree Mills.

Jenan Taylor

21 July 2022

People who want to start micro churches will learn best practice approaches at a forthcoming training event, organisers say.

Micro Churches Australia director the Reverend Bree Mills said the initiative would unpack what best practice looked like for micro churches in Melbourne.

Ms Mills said she had been working for 10 years in the micro church and missional community space, but that it was still an emerging environment.

“Like any new area, it requires learning and sharpening, and the development of principles. We learn from mistakes and grow from there.”

She said the training would also cover partnerships, and the importance of not being preoccupied with developing a particular church model.

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Partnerships were important for micro churches, whether with other micro churches or traditional churches, because to exist in isolation was to go against what God wanted, Ms Mills said.

But it was vital that people who wanted to start those ventures not forget the importance of process, she said. 

Drawing on her work pioneering missional communities for the Glen Waverley Anglican Church, Ms Mills said that launching micro churches had not been the intention, but that was what had arisen from being faithful to God and engaging with the community. 

“The process is just as important because Jesus might be leading them to do something quite different other than a micro church. Jesus might want to grow it into a mega church. It is about being open and aware of what Jesus is calling them into and being responsive to that,” she said.

The in-person event will run in August and October.

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