19 June 2024

Patronal Festival celebrates church’s links to Apostle Paul

The annual event at St Paul’s East Kew featured all female clergy for the first time. Image: Supplied.

Kirralee Nicolle

2 July 2022

St Paul’s East Kew has celebrated their yearly Patronal Festival with a ceremony attended by the Right Reverend Genieve Blackwell, Melbourne diocese Assistant Bishop.

For the first time, the bishop, priest and deacon conducting the event on 26 June were all female, a change which assistant priest Reverend Heidin Kunoo described as very exciting for the parish.

Ms Kunoo said that the church has been celebrating their link to St Paul for about 30 years, firstly with a themed meal and later with a more traditional festival.

Fellow St Paul’s assistant priest Reverend Stacey Slater said that there was a personal significance to the celebration of their patron saint.

“I personally find it a great encouragement to come into work and be reminded of Paul’s ministry,” she said.

Ms Slater said that she was encouraged at Paul’s commitment to living the light of Christ and unashamedly preaching Him crucified.

“I too have been placed here in East Kew so that I might live the light of Christ and to unashamedly preach Him crucified, risen and reigning. Paul’s letters are a great example of a follower of Christ enduring all that the world may throw at him while not compromising his belief,” she said.

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