31 May 2023

Tribute paid to Isabel Moyra Dale, a ‘shining beacon of hope’

CMS Victoria has paid tribute to Isabel Moyra Dale. Picture: supplied
3 August 2022

Missionary and academic Isabel Moyra Dale has been remembered as having equipped a generation of gospel workers, after her death following a long illness. 

The Church Missionary Society Victoria announced Dr Dale’s death via email on Wednesday morning. 

In its statement, CMS Victoria said the fruit of Dr Dale’s work was visible the lives of those she taught and mentored, as well as academic articles and books she had published.

CMS Victoria said Dr Dale had equipped a generation of gospel workers to love and appreciate the people and cultures in which they served. 

It said she had been a shining beacon of hope to all those who had journeyed alongside her during the past six years.

“Isabel combined her incisive intelligence and passionate communication with a deep love for the Lord Jesus and those she taught. She poured out her life to equip many women to serve in gospel ministry around the world, especially in Islamic contexts,” CMS Victoria said. 

“We give great thanks to God for Isabel’s life, confident that she is now with her Father in heaven.” 

CMS Victoria said Dr Dale served with her family in the Middle East for more than 20 years, completing two unique ethnographic research projects exploring the lives of Muslim women. 

Dr Dale and her husband Lauren returned to Melbourne in 2007, where they worked on staff at CMS Australia training college St Andrew’s Hall. Dr Dale also co-founded the When Women Speak network, and played an important role in the establishment of the Angelina Noble Centre, CMS Victoria said. 

She is survived by her husband Lauren and children Tarek and Miriam.

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