2 February 2023

Discovering the road less travelled at Summer Under the Son 2023 | Pictures

Elspeth Kernebone

20 January 2023

Mission supporters are gathering this week to learn about the evolving nature of cross cultural outreach at the Church Missionary Society’s Victorian branch annual conference.

Attendees at Summer Under the Son 2023 heard from Sydney-based Richard Shumack, who has a background working in Muslim communities.

Dr Shumack spoke about the changing nature of mission work, including the need for missionaries to be able to apply their skills to multiple cultures at the same time.

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Those attending also heard Bible talks from former CMS missionary to Japan Michelle Jackson, SparkLit national director Michael Collie, and missionary trainer Claire Livingstone.

Other speakers included Reformanda Initiative director and Rome church plant pastor Leonardo De Chirico, CMS Australia International Director Peter Sholl, and CMS Victoria executive director Wei-Han Kuan.

Summer Under the Son began on Thursday 19 January and ends on Saturday 21 January.

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