26 April 2024

Sisters welcome first woman in key support role

The Reverend Colleen Clayton with Archbishop of Melbourne Philip Freier and Sister Carol Tanner. Picture: supplied.

By Sister Carol Tanner

9 January 2023

The sisters of the Community of the Holy Name were thrilled when the Reverend Colleen Clayton accepted the position of warden of the community. It was an historical time in the life of the community as Ms Clayton is the first female warden.

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You may well ask what is a warden for a community? Well, it’s a bit different to a warden of a prison, thank goodness. Ms Clayton’s role is to support the leadership of the community, to be an avenue between the sisters and the church, to be available for the sisters to discuss any problems and to guide us on our spiritual journey.

Ms Clayton is priest at St Matthew’s church in Cheltenham and she is also the archbishop’s representative on the board of management of the Spirituality Centre which is run by the sisters. Colleen was licensed by the archbishop in the chapel in Esther House.

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