22 March 2023

‘I completely forgot I’m a Christian’: A doctor’s journey of discovery

Dr Li Wan is a Melbourne medical practitioner. Image: Supplied.

On this February episode of Everyday Saints, Dr Li Wan shares his story of coming to faith amid academic and professional achievements in medicine and medical research.

Dr Wan is a former intensive care doctor with a PhD in medical research, focusing on the correlation between sepsis and renal failure. He has also studied at Ridley College, and is a lay minister at St James’ Ivanhoe.

He tells how God compelled him to become a believer through providing not one, but two scholarships for his studies at the University of Melbourne. He says this happened through the prayers of a Mandarin-speaking church which his wife had begun attending.

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When his studies revealed a very significant breakthrough, he tells how he then struggled with a lack of recognition for his work. He says the need for power and status became all-consuming.

“I completely forgot I’m a Christian,” he says.

Now a general practitioner, Dr Wan says his connection to the lives of his patients is a blessing he could never have experienced in a more senior role in intensive care.

“I have connections to people now,” he says. “That really touches me. In the past I [was] just a cold-blooded doctor.”

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