22 March 2023

Bishops set to swap episcopate care roles

Archbishop Kate Prowd. Picture: Jack Lindsay

Jenan Taylor

6 March 2023

Archbishop Philip Freier has announced a change of episcopal care roles for the bishops in charge of several growth areas of Greater Melbourne and Geelong, and the area focused on theological formation and training.

In a recent communique, Archbishop Freier said the Right Reverend Kate Prowd who has been area bishop of the Oodthenong episcopate would take up the care of the Monomeeth area.  

Bishop Prowd’s responsibilities will include the discernment, selection, training and formation of clergy as well as their wellbeing.

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The archbishop also said the Right Reverend Bradly Billings who has overseen the Monomeeth episcopate would be taking up the area bishop role for Oodthenong, and would also assume the church planting portfolio.

Archbishop Freier said the change followed “a process of prayerful reflection and discernment.”

It is expected to take place from 1 May.

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