28 May 2024

Migrant family of new believers choose baptism

The whole Liu family was baptised Sunday 26 March. Picture: supplied

Maya Pilbrow

29 March 2023

Six new believers have been baptised at St Andrew’s Brighton after coming to faith through the church’s Mandarin service.

Brighton and Vicky Liu were baptised alongside their children Alice, Nina, Betty and Jack. The baptisms were performed by parish priest the Reverend Ian Morrison and curate the Reverend Xeverie Swee De-Leon.

Ms Swee De-Leon said the family were new believers who had moved from Jiang Su province in China last year.

The Liu family began attending St Andrew’s several months ago.

Ms Swee De-Leon said the family was drawn to the welcoming environment of St Andrew’s.

The parish holds bilingual services on Sunday mornings. The gospel is read aloud in English and Mandarin, with Mandarin translations of English sermons available in the pew sheets.

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St Andrew’s also offers a Thursday worship group for the Chinese members of the congregation featuring Chinese worship music.

Ms Swee De-Leon said the number of Mandarin speakers attending St Andrew’s was growing rapidly.

The Liu family attend Sunday and Thursday services, while Mr and Mrs Liu participate in an English communication group catered to helping new migrants improve their English.

“They’ve assimilated very quickly into our church culture,” Ms Swee De-Leon said.

She said she was happy the family had chosen baptism.

“[Now] they’ll be a part of our big Anglican family,” she said.

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