19 June 2024

Christians offered revamped world standard views on faith-science connections

Artificial intelligence is explored in the revised ISCAST journal. Picture: iStock.

Jenan Taylor

9 May 2023

A Christian science organisation is offering Australians the opportunity to explore the connection between science and faith through its recently launched and revised academic resource.

ISCAST journal Christian Perspectives on Science and Technology aims to promote constructive conversations about faith and science by publishing rigorously written articles and reviews from Australian and international scholars.

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Executive director the Reverend Dr Chris Mulherin said ISCAST revised the 18-year-old publication to bring it in line with the few other scholarly journals of its kind in the global marketplace.

Dr Mulherin said there were missional implications to publishing work that looked at faith science connections but that few resources to that end existed because people were unaware of their significance.

He said while many unbelievers were not interested in those conversations, many orthodox Christians were unconvinced they were possible because they believed that science and faith were incompatible, and that people had to choose between them.

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Dr Mulherin said ISCAST appointed a research director and worked with an international editorial advisory board to ensure the journal published double blind, peer reviewed material.

Published annually, the first issue launched early in May and included contributions about the challenges and opportunities posed by artificial intelligence, and ways of reading Genesis from a present-day perspective.

The ISCAST journal can be found here

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