31 May 2023

Geelong parish getting in touch with the Holy Spirit

The Reverend Dr Teresa Parish will speak at St Alban’s next week. Photo: supplied

Maya Pilbrow

12 May 2023

A Geelong church will hold a conference exploring the Holy Spirit with prophetic preacher the Reverend Dr Teresa Parish.

St Alban’s Hamlyn Heights and Herne Hill will host Dr Parish for two days next weekend to worship, teach and pray with attendees.

St Alban’s lay minister Cassie Spain said the event, which she is helping to coordinate, would be an opportunity for the parish and the wider Geelong community to refresh their faith through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Mrs Spain said St Alban’s had hosted Dr Parish for the first time last year. This year, Mrs Spain said she was keen to learn more about and demystify the Holy Spirit.

She said she was excited to see worship of the Holy Spirit become more common in mainstream churches.

“It’s not just reading about the Bible and what the disciples did back in the day. It’s actually like, ‘this is real’,” she said. “And Jesus has passed that authority on to us all as his disciples.”

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Dr Parish said the underlying theme of the conference would be gaining a fuller understanding of a trinitarian God.

An ordained minister in the Foursquare Church, Dr Parish grew up Anglican in Australia. She currently lives in the United States with her family and travels internationally to speak at churches of many denominations.

Dr Parish said she was invited to mainly Anglican churches in Australia, given her background in the church and contacts within the community.

“The beauty of growing up Anglican, it is such a spectrum. From high church, low church, everything in between. Evangelical, charismatic, all of it,” she said.

Dr Parish said she was driven in her ministry by the Holy Spirit. She said reaching out to community happened most effectively when guided by the Holy Spirit to move in power and love.

“We’ve got a supernatural, powerful God who loves people radically, he wants to see people healed of what’s troubling them. Physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually,” she said.

The Revive conference will be held over 19 and 20 May at St Alban’s. See the St Alban’s website for more information.

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