21 July 2024

TEACHaR, Building confidence in vulnerable kids.

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Anglicare Victoria

29 November 2023

In a perfect world every kid would have the same opportunities. No kid would ever get left behind, and nothing would stop them achieving their full potential. But life isn’t perfect. And right here in Victoria our most vulnerable kids are falling behind at school, and then, in life.

Anglicare Victoria’s TEACHaR (Transforming Educational Achievement of Children at Risk) program works with children in out-of-home care to help them re-engage with their education, through supports tailored to their unique needs, so they can break the cycle of disadvantage and reach their potential.

When Jaxon* joined our TEACHaR program he was in grade four but had fallen behind his peers in many subjects, and his confidence had suffered as a result.

The family had been through a lot, and family violence had impacted the children’s learning. Jaxon’s mum, Lauren* had been doing her best to get some normality back into the family home, but school was proving to be incredibly challenging for the young boy.

Jaxon was referred to the TEACHaR program and paired with Anthony, one of our Education Specialists, to help him catch up and get back on track. Over 10 weeks, Anthony worked with Jaxon to get him engaged with his learning and develop good routines, so that he could manage his time and achieve his goals.

Anthony is a wonderful, patient and very caring teacher,” said Lauren*, Jaxon’s mum. He has helped Jaxon with his learning, and I’ve noticed a positive improvement in him.”

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Since working with Anthony, the transformation in Jaxon’s schoolwork has been extraordinary. His reading, writing and maths is getting better, and his speech and pronunciation has improved. He’s developed a consistent routine, which is helping him get to school on time and get his homework done.

But the biggest difference Lauren has seen is in Jaxon’s confidence. “Jaxon has gained trust In Anthony, which is also something that he needs,” she said, “It’s helping him heal from what we have all been through.”

Now, Jaxon is thriving at home and at school, and Lauren couldn’t be prouder.

Education is the foundation for a better future, but our most vulnerable kids are getting left behind at school, with little chance of catching up, ever.

Together we have the power to help these kids turn their lives. Team Better Tomorrows is a way for you, to get behind the TEACHaR program and help our most vulnerable kids rewrite their futures and break the cycle of disadvantage with a regular monthly gift.

Team Better Tomorrows celebrates a commitment, vision, determination, and unerring belief that together, when we throw our love, compassion, and support behind kids, and provide them with the tailored education support they need, they will have a better tomorrow.

Don’t let their past dictate their future, pledge your monthly gift, and join Team Better Tomorrows today.


*Names and identifying details have been changed to protect privacy and safety

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