19 May 2024

Gaza’s al-Ahli Hospital shut down by force

Wounded Palestinians sit in al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City, central Gaza Strip, after arriving from al-Ahli hospital following an explosion there on Tuesday 17 October. Picture: AP Photo/Abed Khaled.

Elspeth Kernebone

20 December 2023

Anglican Overseas Aid has confirmed reports the Anglican-run al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza has been shut down by force.

Al-Ahli was the last remaining functioning hospital in north Gaza.

AOA chief executive Jo Knight said she received news from the Anglican Alliance that the hospital had been shut down by force.

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She said there were patients without water or electricity, and the fate of the staff was of concern.

Ms Knight said it was just awful to hear that it had been shut down, after the staff returned to provide care after the hospital was bombed on Tuesday 17 October.

“They’re just so courageous, so to think that something by force has happened is pretty scary and awful to them,” Ms Knight said.

Ms Knight said she knew many Australian Anglicans had supported, prayed and journeyed with the ministry of the hospital, providing life-giving services in Gaza.

She urged Australians to continue to pray, and called on the Australian government to do everything in their power about the conflict in Gaza.

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