10 December 2022

Church dons white to show support for those in ‘terrible’ situation 

Parishioners at Holy Trinity Hampton wore white to symbolise a call for peace in Ukraine. Picture: supplied

By Elspeth Kernebone 

15 March 2022

A PERSONAL connection has led a Hampton church-member to rally her church to call for peace in Ukraine. 

Members of Holy Trinity Hampton all wore white on Sunday, to symbolise a call for peace. 

The initiative’s organiser Caroline Shepard hopes all churches around the world will join in the call. 

Mrs Shepard was inspired to action after calling an old friend, a Ukrainian woman living in Australia, who was so upset by the situation she could barely speak. 

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Mrs Shepard decided she had to do something, so she joined in a rally in the city for peace. Then at church on Sunday, she saw a woman wearing a white dress. 

“I thought this could be actually, a very good thing to do, because everyone would identify white that symbolises peace, and good positive things,” she said. 

“It shows that we’re all behind the terrible situation that has occurred in Ukraine and we’re just desperately tried to show our support for them in any way we can. 

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“I thought about that colour, and I thought ‘Yes, that’s a great idea really, even if we walked out en masse into the street with that banner, people would then fully understand where we’re coming from. That we’re totally, as one, praying for those poor people’.” 

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