2 February 2023

‘It is Christ who has called you’: Eighteen new priests ordained

Kirralee Nicolle

26 November 2022

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Newly-ordained priests have today been urged to look to Jesus at the 2022 Ordination.

Eighteen ordinands were priested today at St Paul’s Cathedral in front of hundreds of family, friends, clergy and parishioners.

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In her address to the new priests, the Right Reverend Kate Prowd reminisced on her own ordination 30 years ago.

“I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I couldn’t meet anyone’s gaze,” she said.

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Bishop Prowd spoke of the responsibility of the priesthood and the sense of inadequacy many might feel.

“Imposter syndrome can derail any of us,” she said. “If not too extreme, this can keep us humble.”

Bishop Prowd encouraged the priests that their responsibilities were managed in the power of the Holy Spirit and to look to Jesus as he was their compass.

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“It is Christ who has called you and allows you to participate in his priesthood – a priesthood characterised by losing life in order to gain it,” she said.

Bishop Prowd closed with a reminder to the ordinands of what to prioritise.

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“So set out, off you go,” she said. “Even if you have no idea where you are going. And hold on to the desire to please the One who has called you and who equips you, trusting that if you do this you will be led by the right road.”

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New priest the Reverend Kathleen Alleaume Ross from St Mary’s Sunbury said she was the first Mauritian priest to be ordained in Melbourne. She said she felt she was filled with the Holy Spirit after the ceremony.

“It’s amazing, I’m really excited,” she said. “Bishop Kate’s sermon was so passionate and wonderful, and I was overcome, but it’s set me right.”

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