2 February 2023

The rock musician who never wanted to live in Russia

Lutheran missionary-pastor Leif Camp has spent much of the past three decades serving in Russia. He has watched the country rebuild following the collapse of the Soviet Union, has built relationships and grown in his grasp of the language, and is now walking alongside his parishioners in a new season of challenge. He speaks of the corrosive powers of hate and fear, and how they can diminish faith.

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Mr Camp’s story of faith includes time spent as an English teacher, a rock musician and an ordained minister. He tells of his initial unwillingness to move overseas, yet the persistent sense that God wanted him in Russia.

“God kind of makes you put up or shut up,” Mr Camp says.

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He also tells of the strength of believers in Russia despite a history of suppressing elements of public faith.

“They’re just so solid,” Mr Camp says. “They’re more encouraging because they’ve lived through it.”

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