23 September 2023

Journeying with Jesus in the ‘messy middle’: Kate Boyd

This episode features someone practicing their faith in the public eye in the United States – Texan Instagram personality Kate Boyd.

Kate Boyd is a theology student and Bible teacher who grew up in the heart of American evangelicalism. Her view of faith expanded when she travelled overseas and discovered the different ways people across the globe connected with God. She now describes herself as a “messy middle Christian” who has drawn thousands of followers from across the world with her inclusive take on faith.

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“The churches I was in were very culture-heavy,” Ms Boyd tells host Kirralee Nicolle. “So, when you are used to thinking your way is the right way [and] you realise that there are faithful people who maybe believe the same things but live them out or practice them in a different way, you have to start reckoning with that.”

“I had to make space for something that wasn’t as clean-cut as it was before.”

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Ms Boyd says she embarked on a journey of dismantling her previous beliefs and deciding what aspects of her faith still deeply mattered.

“I’m probably more convicted about more things now, but I am less certain about all of them,” she says.

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