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‘Life changing, eternally challenging’ call, new priests told

Thirteen new priests were ordained at St Paul’s Cathedral. Picture: Janine Eastgate.

Jenan Taylor

25 November 2023

Melbourne’s new Anglican priests were reminded that following God’s call to holy orders was life changing and eternally challenging, during their ordination service.  

Thirteen men and women were ordained as priests in a service at St Paul’s Cathedral in front of family, friends, clergy and parishioners.

Diocese of Adelaide Assistant Bishop the Right Reverend Denise Ferguson preached the sermon in which she encouraged the new priests to keep their spiritual foundations firm.

Bishop Ferguson linked the account of Jesus commissioning Peter to feed his sheep in John 21:15-19, to the challenges of ministry that all the disciples faced when they decided to follow Him.

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Being ordained was a stepping stone on a journey that was a life changing, and eternally challenging commitment, Bishop Ferguson said.

“Ordination whether as a deacon, priest or bishop is like baptism. It can’t be erased or undone,” Bishop Ferguson said. “Those who are follow the call to holy orders, do so with great courage and conviction.”

She said following the call was a ministry of holiness, visibility, presence, servant leadership and commitment that demanded much from priests.

As a ministry of visibility, it meant that they were inescapably God’s representatives in the World. It could bring joy, recognition and privilege, but could also be lonely and isolating when difficulties arose, she said.

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Bishop Ferguson said nothing could prepare priests for this experience, so all they could do was ensure their spiritual foundations were firm.

“We must stay plugged into the source, regular nourishment with daily prayer, engaging with Scripture and waiting on God in whatever way connects us so that we can recognise and respond when Jesus calls us,” Bishop Ferguson said.

“These are essential to the Christian life in general and critical to those who are called into holy orders.”

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The 13 priests ordained by Archbishop Philip Freier on Saturday 25 November were:

  • Tereaza Audo                                    
  • Elizabeth Bolton                                               
  • Tzeh Yi Chan                                      
  • Tim Collison                                       
  • Aaron Ghiloni                                    
  • Zhitao He                                            
  • Zhuhong Li                                         
  • Weiyi Lou                                                            
  • Rebecca Mading                                              
  • Johnwerni Maryoe                                          
  • Monica Matoc                                  
  • Candice Mitrousis                                           
  • Pedram Shirmast                                             

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