28 May 2024

New Communion network wants Anglican schools to flourish

The Anglican Communion Schools Network wants Anglican schools to flourish. Picture: iStock.

Jenan Taylor

14 May 2024

A new global network hopes to revive the beating heart of the Anglican Church in schools.

Through this, organisers want to create flourishing Anglican communities across the world.

They said the Anglican Communion Schools Network aimed to enable principals, chaplains and governors to pray, collaborate and share various ideas and challenges with each other.

Australian representative the Reverend Peter Laurence said it would encourage them to better promote the principles and values of Anglicanism, including worship and inclusion, among their school students.

Mr Laurence said it was important to create such links because Anglican schools were the beating heart of the global Church, yet were largely disconnected until now.

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Chaplains of the Anglican Schools Network in Victoria chair the Reverend Andrew Stewart said the schools helped the Church engage with youth.

He said this was valuable particularly at a time when many no longer attended churches.

Mr Stewart said lots of students in Anglican schools were Christians but only a small percentage were Anglican.

He said this presented a series of challenges, such as how to proclaim Anglicanism to such a diverse audience.

A world-wide collaborative network would help many educators navigate these, Mr Stewart said.

He said he anticipated the connections might also facilitate exchange programs for teachers and for students, to enhance their understanding of other cultures and places.  

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ACSN United States representative the Reverend David Madison said relationships were central to the Anglican Communion and the network would make the Communion more tangible for Episcopal educators.

Dr Madison said it would also enable students to better relate to the Communion and help them realise they were part of something much bigger than their school campuses.

“From a school leadership perspective, we are all facing many similar challenges that will benefit from collective wisdom. There is strength in realizing that we aren’t alone and that educators across the globe are also working to respond in a way that best serves young people,” he said. 

A webinar to introduce the ACSN will be held on 21 May at 10pm Melbourne time.

Organisers including chair Archbishop of Perth Kay Goldsworthy, Reverend Laurence and Dr Madison, will host the webinar.

To register please see here.

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