21 July 2024

Paving a path of hope and healing in Mozambique | Sponsored

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Anglican Overseas Aid

3 June 2024

In the heart of Nampula, Mozambique, the local Anglican Church is going to great lengths to protect its community from preventable diseases, malnutrition, and the strain of consecutive births on mothers and families.

Antonio is one community member whose life took a transformative turn when he encountered volunteers from ‘Abundant Life’, a program delivered by the development arm of the Anglican Diocese of Nampula. Antonio and his wife Maria had faced unimaginable hardships, losing four of their nine children to preventable illnesses like diarrhoea and malnutrition.

The turning point came in 2009 when Antonio first met the ‘Abundant Life’ volunteers at a local market. They provided crucial information on disease prevention, nutrition, and family planning. Antonio discovered the importance of using mosquito nets correctly, the benefits of a balanced diet using local produce, and the significance of latrines for proper sanitation. These lessons were not just theoretical but translated into practical changes that drastically improved his family’s health and quality of life.

 ‘If the program had come much earlier, I would not have lost my kids,’ Antonio says.

The suffering Antonio, Maria and their children endured is not uncommon; an appalling one in 14 children in Mozambique die before their fifth birthday. Please help put a stop to preventable suffering. By giving generously to ‘Abundant Life’, you are paving a path of health and hope through all the communities of the Anglican Church of Mozambique, Nampula. Please help us extend this path by donating today.

You can give by visiting our donation page EOFY Appeal | Anglican Overseas Aid  or calling 1800 249 880.

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