19 July 2024

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Korus Connect

1 July 2024

When you need some help, who do you turn to? A friend? A mentor? A colleague?

What about the children that you know? Who helps them?

For many, their chaplain is one of the trusted adults they can turn to when needed.

Across Victoria, thousands of children and young people in our schools turn to their school chaplain when they need some additional support; support with friendship issues, when they are struggling with family breakdown, anxiety and depression or are struggling with school behavioural issues.

I was contacted by an ex student, who is now 21 years old and wanted to have a chat with me. We met up at the school and they shared their life story since leaving [our school]. This person stated that because of the love, care and support that they received from the staff, teachers and myself while they were going through tough times in their younger years, they wanted to give back, and wanted to work in schools and help students that are going through similar things. This person mentioned me in particular, and it was in those times, chatting to me, that got them through some really tough times. I have offered any support to them moving forward. Knowing that I and the school team have made a difference in this young adult’s life is so rewarding and uplifting.

Chaplains are a unique and integral part of school wellbeing teams, bringing their God-inspired posture and wisdom to all that they do.

There are many schools wanting a chaplain to join their wellbeing team. Head to www.korusconnect.org.au/positions or email impact@korusconnect.org.au to find out more.

www.korusconnect.org.au Locked Bag 3 SURREY HILLS VIC 3127 (03) 9811 0999 ABN 59 004 240 779

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