19 June 2024

‘Proclaim the gospel of Christ to all’: 10 ordained deacons

Ordination of Deacons 2024 Anglican Diocese of Melbourne.
New deacons after their ordination in the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne. Picture: Elspeth Kernebone

Elspeth Kernebone

10 February 2024

Ten new deacons have been urged to proclaim the gospel to all as they enter ordained ministry in the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne.

The Reverends Julia Boyd, Helena Cameron, Conrad Chiu, Ginger Chen, Cara Greenham Hancock, Shannon Hood, Luke Prentice, Josephine Quinlan, Jonathan Tran and Peter Young were ordained at St Paul’s Cathedral on Saturday.

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Preacher Bishop Bill Ray urged the ordinands to be ambassadors of Christ as they entered the diaconate, saying they were to proclaim the gospel to all.

He preached on Jeremiah 1:1-19, Acts 8:26-40 – Philip’s meeting with the Ethiopian on the road – and John 13:1-18, in which Jesus washes his disciples feet.

Bishop Ray said the passage from Acts told those present that they never knew where God would lead, but they went forth in faith trusting their Lord and Saviour.

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He said the gospel reading highlighted that they were servants in ministry. Bishop Ray said this meant being there for not just the good things, but when people were at their lowest and needed help.

Bishop Ray urged the congregation to pray for the deacons every day, and read the Scriptures to deepen their own faith in Christ. He said those present took great joy in supporting the deacons to go from the cathedral to give glory to God.

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